Located in historic Chester County, Ingleside Golf Club is owned and operated by Caln Township.

In today’s world of bigger and longer courses, we would be considered “old school.” We are a par 68 with six par threes, ten par fours, and two par fives. Do not make the mistake of thinking that our layout is a walk in the park. Many single digit handicappers have left our course with a double-digit experience because they let down their guard. The numerous opportunities for risk and reward shots coupled with the protective greenside bunkering make for a challenging round. Yes, we are shorter than average, but with seven water holes, tall grass areas, and precisely placed fairway bunkers, you will still have to play good golf to score well. Come out and enjoy Chester County’s best golf value.

If you are interested in making reservations or learning more about our golf course please, give us a call at 610-384-9128.

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